The new Gucci high jewelry collection, called Allegoria, was presented last June in Florence, in the splendid setting of Palazzo Settimanni, home to the brand’s historical archive. It captures the astonishing facets of nature and its refined beauty during the inexorable change in seasons.

A representation of life and time, told through the passing of seasons. It’s precisely here that the history of the brand was born, when Guccio Gucci began producing handcrafted leather goods in 1921.
Gucci, now part of the Kering Group, is one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world. The entry into the world of high jewellery is recent, but since its debut, the fashion house has been able to amaze and captivate its audience thanks to a strong creative courage and the search for the rarest and most extraordinary stones, often set in bold silhouettes and play of colours. For its latest collection, the journey imagined by Gucci Allegoria begins with spring and the awakening of nature, greeted with ever new surprises and marvels. The carefree spirit of this period inspires unique designs, characterized by fresh colours that recall the multiple flowers that make up Guccis iconic Flora motif. There’s one example that evokes this excitement of life: a splendid green cushion cut tourmaline, 226 carats with pierced mounting, skilfully processed and decorated with star motifs and baguette cut diamonds, which illuminates the necklace with its intensity. The chain is embellished with diamonds and coloured tourmalines. If spring represents the excitement of life, summer captures its explosion, finding expression in saturated colours, with emeralds, spinels and Paraiba tourmalines, sprinkled with multi-faceted diamonds.
Unexpected combinations and bold cuts testify to Gucci’s extraordinary creativity and expertise.
Autumn brings a change with warmer and quieter tones that convey a delicate softness, enclosed in silky and luminous stones, such as yellow sapphire, pink tourmaline and mandarin garnet. At the centre of one of the various necklaces, a 78-carat yellow sapphire and a colourful series of tourmalines and diamonds.
Finally winter concludes the cycle, when the rhythm is marked by the crystallized silence of the snow and the stillness of nature, which are contrasted by the light and joy of the Christmas festivities. Winter sensations are enhanced by diamonds, which express the joy and spirit of the holidavs: Gucci presents exclusive European-cut antique diamonds that sparkle with soft kaleidoscopic colours and hint at the lively spring to come, when the cycle of the four seasons will start again. What the House of Gucci aims at is to offer the customer a one-of-a-kind experience, dictated by passion, creativity and emotion, as well as the highest quality craftsmanship. An emotional connection with each individual customer as the only means to fully satisfy the wishes of an increasingly demanding clientele.

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