Inhorgenta, business in the heart of Europe

The growth of Inhorgenta Munich over the years is not measured only by numbers (however significant: this year’s February edition recorded a +51% increase in visitors compared to 2022, reaching 24,000 from 90 mainly European countries, and a +10% in exhibitors – namely 802, from 38 countries). It is also measured by the increasing international presence (about 40% of visitors and 49% of the exhibitors came from abroad) and the fair’s growing appeal to global brands. This year’s exhibitors included companies such as Carrera y Carrera, Damiani, World Diamond Group, Cielo Venezia 1270, Christ with Esprit, Jette Joop, Guido Maria Kretschmer and Favs, to name a few. Many exhibitors were from Italy, also the first country in the number of visitors. Exhibitors expressed high levels of satisfaction, but, as usual, they are still waiting for orders to be confirmed. The design pavilion continues to be a big attraction – although it has yet to return to the splendour of a few years ago regarding creativity and offer – and the Inhorgenta Awards ceremony, one of the event’s highlights (Gallery), is always glamorous. Inhorgenta Munich – which has just welcomed the return of Stefanie Maendlein as the Exhibition Director – has already scheduled the next event for February 16 to 19, 2024, when it will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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