A Neapolitan in the United States, Antonio Cardamuro pays tribute to his homeland with his collections, reviving the elusive magic of the Mediterranean in his jewellery.

Miseno’s creations come to life from an unfathomable mix of art, nature, traditions and a sense of beauty, which are the essence of Made in Italy The name echoes on one hand the mythical trumpeter Misenus, as described in Virgil’s Aeneid, killed by Triton, who was jealous of his art, and buried by Aeneas at Capo Miseno; on the other hand, the ancient city of Misenum, a strategic military port in Roman times, and a thriving residential site in the area of Naples.
According to legend, those who entered the city through its arch would find love and happiness: and the Arco Felice of ancient Misenum is now the emblem of the jewellery company founded by Antonio Cardamuro in 2014. Based in the United States, but with Italian roots, memory and manufacturing, Miseno has developed its style with clear references to Mediterranean atmospheres reconsidered with a modern flair and an eye to the expectations of international markets, primarily the American one. But the brand’s know-how is all Italian.
Antonio Cardamuro opened his own business after many years of experience at leading companies such as Bulgari, Bedat and Buccellati. He is the one who develops and designs the collections, and each piece is then handcrafted in Valenza. The jewellery • in gold with vibrant pops of multicolour diamonds and sapphires, turquoise, coral and other natural stones such as malachite, onyx, mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, and tsavorite – are handmade by skilled craftsmen with meticulous attention to detail. For each collection. Antonio Cardamuro has been inspired by the artistic or natural wonders of his homeland: from the polychrome mosaics of the ancient Roman city of Baia – the “underwater Pompeii* – a stunning archaeological site nestled on the seabed of the bay of Capo Miseno (Baia Sommersa): the moving, iridescent light beams of the lighthouse of Capo Miseno (Faro); the movement, colours and impressive transparency of the sea along the Campania coastline (Foglia di Mare); the unique splendour of an island celebrated in many literary and cinematographic works (Procida); the sun glints on the sea (Raggi), or the golden sand of the beautiful Campania beaches (Sabbia doro).
Finally, the brand’s flagship is a collection of unique pieces: jewellery masterpieces featuring gold and natural gemstones, with a distinctive style and personality, unique colours, the result of full creative freedom.

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