Marco Bicego Academy

Marco Bicego launched his first high jewellery collection “Alta” in Geneva a year ago, beginning a journey towards brand evolution and repositioning, personal growth and creative development. “With Alta – the designer confirmed – I have found the way to express in an even more complete way my tribute to nature and organic forms, which have always been my primary sources of inspiration, along with the extraordinary jewellery tradition of Vicenza, which is part of our DNA”. Consistent with the brand’s style, “Alta” maintains the iconic features that have made the brand famous over the past twenty years – yellow gold, burin engravings, twists, asymmetries, irregular shapes, and unique colour effects. “Our jewellery pieces are meticulously crafted by hand in our factory-atelier in Trissino, from untreated, natural stones of the highest quality which I select in person: diamonds, sapphires, but also and above all coloured gems such as tourmalines, citrines, topaz, tanzanites and aquamarines, among others. They are elegant but highly wearable and timeless. Our workmanship is the result of craftsmanship and manual skill, adding significant value; yellow gold has a special place in my family’s history as well as in the Vicenza territory” For Marco Bicego, “territory” is more than just a physical location.
It embodies roots, history, community and the skills and techniques passed down through generations. Regrettably many young people have abandoned these traditions that were widely shared just until a few decades ago: “After the 2008 financial crisis, the market underwent a drastic selection process that resulted in a significant shift in the local production structure” Marco Bicego recalls. “However, we cannot accept the possibility of losing our rich heritage of craftsmanship and traditions! Last year, we faced a challenge as the demand for our products exceeded our production capacity for the first time in our history, the reason behind it being the shortage of specialised artisans. To address the issue, we established our Academy. Although it was created to solve a temporary problem, our primary goal is to inspire young people and showcase the beauty of our work, which demands skill, passion, and dedication”.
Applicants who are accepted into the program undergo a combination of theoretical and practical training at the Vicenza School of Arts and Crafts.
Afterwards, they move onto the on-the-job training stage, where Marco Bicego’s skilled master goldsmiths mentor them to hone their craft in a supportive and motivating environment. “Our company is vertically-integrated; here, ‘Made in Italy’is not just a label, as we entirely make our products on the spot; everything is centralised, we handle design, prototyping, jewellery development, production, marketing… I took my first steps in my father’s business and grew up behind a workbench’. It’s exciting to see young people develop a passion for this industry and recognise the opportunities it offers. I know firsthand the satisfaction of creating something beautiful. This is why I want to engage and value all my collaborators”. The company plans to repeat the Academy experience, considering the growing demand for Marco Bicego creations: the markets recognise the style and quality of the brand’s products, which has led to an increase in demand. “At our company I always emphasise the importance of perfecting each piece of jewellery as if it were unique, even if it’s not. This ensures that every customer receives a piece which is for all intents and purposes one-of-a-kind, that represents our brand’s excellence”.

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