Nove25 turns 18 years old: its birthday is the occasion to recall how far it has come

The brand was born in 2005 in a small store-laboratory in the heart of Milan (“10 and a half square metres, probably the smallest store of the city” Roberto Dibenedetto, founder of the brand, reminded smiling).

Today the brand celebrates its eighteenth birthday with twenty single brand stores in Italy, Switzerland and Spain, around ninety corner and wholesale stores throughout the national territory, around ten openings already planned in selected triple-A shopping centres (12 million visitors per year and up) and an expansion program abroad. Nove25 is extremely popular among young people, but with a fan base that is increasing across all ages. It also covers the online sector thanks to social media, an e-commerce site meticulously studied and many digital marketing activities.
Roberto said: “At the beginning of the 2000s silver jewellery for men was confined almost exclusively to the Gothic genre or Native American atmospheres, and could be found in some market stands or in Mexico or India. Nove25 revolutionized the market a bit. I’ve always had a different point of view, right from the start, also because I didn’t come from a family of jewel-lers, and because I grew up with all the influences that a metropolitan city like Milan can offer; the world of music, tattoos, graffiti…”.

The brand has immediately focused on the customization of jewels: just like tattooists transfer an idea, a drawing on the body, Nove25 creates jewels that welcome the thoughts, dates, signs of particular meaning to the wearer, and that everyone can customize in every detail, from the font to the size, to the text, to the galvanic plating, to the engravings.

Over the years the company has continued with this concept that still proves to be successful, making any collection and accessory customizable. This reached its peak in the creation of an online configurator; My Nove25, that allows anyone today to create their own personal and unique jewel, in a store or from home.

“My Nove25 is very simple to use, both for the retailer (from a giant screen or tablet) and for the consumer; and it’s giving us great satisfaction in terms of requests. Once the orders have been received, the jewels are all made in Italy and shipped where requested, with delivery times ranging from two-three days to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the intervention”.

Another key factor for the success of the brand is undoubtedly represented by the countless collaborations in the artistic and sporting fields, with sponsorships and joint projects aimed at creating brand awareness linked to the favourite team or artist through jewellery and accessories with a personal content, which differentiates them from classic merchandising. This year, the historic partnerships with Juventus and Inter have been joined by those with the world of basketball and volleyball. There have also been many partnerships with artists and singers and each of them deserves a memory, a unique chapter: “We created the crown of thorns for the cover of Gue’s album Guesus, two necklaces and a bracelet for a total of almost a kilo and a half of gold for Marracash on the occasion of Marrageddon last September… Fedez started buying our jewels as a kid, among other things, Chiara Ferragni was the social ambassador of the French bulldog ring from the Dog Fever line, which is still one of our best sellers today… Among our admirers there are many names from the world of entertainment, such as Melissa Satta, Cecilia Rodriguez, Michelle Hunziker, Elisabetta Canalis…”.

In September Nove25 presented “Fine Jewelry”, a collection of wedding and solitaire rings, rings and earrings in 925 silver or white, pink or yellow gold (9 or 18 carats), and “lab grown” diamonds, in the name, as always, of customization and affordability. “From the beginning I tried to make personalized jewellery available to everyone; something which previously, due to cost issues, was the prerogative of a few who could perhaps rely on the family goldsmith. “Fine Jewelry” makes even a solitaire ring with an important stone economically accessible”.

The packaging also deserves a chapter in itself, developed entirely with recyclable paper and fibre, organic cotton, without harmful dyes. “In general we have a very curious approach, open to the new, to research and experimentation, and we are constantly in communication with our retailers, providing all-round trai-ning, with days with us in the company or tutors in the stores. Sharing all the work behind our jewels and seeing the amazement and enthusiasm that comes from it is truly a huge satisfaction!”.

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