Boucheron – More is More

Carte Blanche Collection

Designed after two troubling years, when Claire Choisne felt the need to break free, eradicate all limitations. More than a desire, it was a need: to propose joy as a remedy. This is the spirit in which the Carte Blanche “More is More” collection was born.

Far from the conventions of High Jewelry, Claire Choisne and her team dreamed up extravagant sizes or very simple shapes such as balls and cubes. They chose lively colors, high contrast, and incredible proportions. They transformed reality, played on optical illusions, and introduced new materials. With certain pieces, they even reinvented High Jewelry.

The “More is More” collection takes happiness very seriously. Joy is precious. This collection demonstrates that joy and happiness are compatible with the conservative High Jewelry industry. This collection is unexpected, surprising, and comforting. It reflects Boucheron’s vision of High Jewelry: always precious, never predictable.”

Tie the knot
A gigantic bow in the hair: red on one side, black and white stripes – mimicking the “gros grain” code of Boucheron – on the other. Supple like cloth, light as a cartoon that would suddenly appear in real life. Set with diamonds and white gold, Tie the Knot magnifies High Jewelry by deploying its 29 cm of pure poetry. Like a trompe l’oeil, floating mischievously on the side of the head, weighing only 94 grams: a prowess, that makes us forget its technical complexity. A fantasy come true.

This is not a ring
Jewels become objets d’art – with simple shapes, bright colors and revisited perspectives. Spheres, cubes, graphic stripes: pop and geometric pieces, that would have escaped from a 70s art gallery. Six rings, graphic and light. 4 of which have extraordinary volumes, with a quirky and provocative balance.

In the pocket and an apple a day
Who said that a parure should be composed of a necklace, earrings and a bracelet? In the Pocket and An apple a day make light of conventions. A new kind of jewelry. They create an attitude and a succession of emotions, drawn from the discovery of the richness of its pieces – enhanced by the preciousness of their nonconformism.

Pull me
Who said hoodie strings could not be appropriate in High Jewelry? Why don’t we invent new codes for the precious? Here is a way to invest the most contemporary looks, from the most daily life, inspired by the design of the now iconic Jack.

Just an illusion
A prodigious linked necklace, covering the whole chest. Like a comic book element overlaying reality. Imposing its quirky, cartoonish esthetics through a light, flat High Jewelry piece: a true trompe-l’oeil. Orange and blue: these opposing colors share the same space on this oversized neo-necklace. It is extravagant and mischievous, stretching beauty like it stretches scales.

Pearl soap bubble
Extra flat pearls with dizzying dimensions, their brightness radiating from the necklace. A two-finger ring, sweeping aside all we thought we knew about pearls. Giant pearls displayed on a pullover, a chest or a hand like soap bubbles. The eye sees them as joyful spheres – when, mischievous and precious, they truly lie in two dimensions. Paying the most modern homage to a Boucheron archive necklace, initially made in fine pearls and diamonds.

Once in a blue moon
Reinventing Boucheron icons. The Question Mark necklace, born in 1879, revolutionary by being clasp-free and the symbol of a liberation. The Parfum ring, with its blue sapphire cabochon, embodying the dialogue between fragrance and High Jewelry. In this chapter, two of the most legendary Boucheron pieces prove how timeless they are, by blending technique and precious, joy and boldness. The challenge? Recreating the effect of volume on extremely flat pieces.

Solve me
Deconstructing the 80s most famous puzzle to turn it into a High Jewelry piece. Playfulness and esthetics coming together, bringing back memories of the fabulous geometry of this iconic object. Materials, colors and esthetics are what form the pattern of this necklace: like a deconstructed toy of 21 precious cubes, alternating grey and pink spinels, pink sapphires and diamonds.

Do not iron!
Recreating high school years iron-on patches. The ones we would place on our favorite jackets. The ones we would carefully choose for their shape, their colors, the story they told. So as to create our own style and express our singularity; to play with fashion, and a sense of beauty. As fun as iron-on badges and as precious as High Jewelry brooches: two mini-collections sum up the joyfulness of “More is More”.

I got your back
An elegant, graphic scrunchie, gathering the patterns and the codes of this collection. A piece that is precious on the outside and contains as much richness on the inside. Black and white lines punctuating the cylinder like a maze, playing on the optical illusion by blending parallels and perspectives.

Puissance quatre
XXL pop Quatre cuffs, shining with the iconic designs of the Maison: gros-grain, clou de Paris, diamond line and double-gadroon. Legacy and boldness blending on the wrists, in the most obvious manner. The Maison’s Quatre icon singing an ode to joy, enhanced by technical performances from which only freedom is to be seen as a result.

Hit the road jack
The dream? Offering the Jack icon a colorful expression, as precious as the joy radiating from these singular and bold pieces. Diamonds, white gold, intricate setting: on these joyful pieces, techniques and precious materials come together in harmony. Getting the party started on a tuxedo collar, breaking the rules on an evening gown, dressing up and shaking up genders and conventions.

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