GemGenève – 7th edition | 2-5 November 2023

Feel the world in our gems. Find your gems in our world.

GemGenève is as popular as ever, with over 175 exhibitors including 148 jewellery dealers

An exclusive and dynamic edition

The seventh edition of GemGenève will be held in Hall 6 at Palexpo from 2 to 5 November 2023. GemGenève founders Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah are proud to announce that the show will host 148 jewellery dealers from 18 countries. In all, counting colleges, designers, laboratories and other cultural partners, there are expected to be just over 175 exhibitors. The organisers are already forecasting an event that will be both dynamic (with a similar number of exhibitors than in November 2022: 176, including 144 dealers) and more exclusive than the May 2023 event (which hosted 230 exhibitors and 192 dealers). Some key features of previous GemGenève editions will now become annual events, such as the Designer Vivarium, set to be a regular fixture at spring editions going forward. The same applies to some of the collaborations with schools, including the partnership with HEAD and the Grand Theatre of Geneva, next scheduled in May 2024. Meanwhile the Donna Jewel project with students from Galdus School and CREA EYES with Donatella Zappieri will become autumn fixtures in the future.
Once again, GemGenève is preparing to unveil unprecedented surprises. The show offers a panoramic journey to the heart of the world of jewellery featuring precious stones, rare and unique gems, pearls and ancient jewellery, encompassing historic and modern creations.

Past, Present, and Future will be together again to offer the best in jewellery design at GemGenève!

As Ronny Totah explains, “For the second time, GemGenève is returning to Hall 6, which boasts plenty of attractive exhibition space: 14,000 sqm in all. While this is the same venue as in November 2022, the upcoming edition of GemGenève will have a different main entrance and a slightly different stand layout”. On the one hand, this is due to new requirements at the Palexpo centre; the organisers are also seeking to improve stand locations with each successive edition. This time, the layout will be based around small ‘coffee station’ type spaces and feature main aisles, exhibition areas and lounges.

Paris-based design firm Autre Idée has been working with the organisers since 2021; for this autumn’s edition, they’ve opted for a new decor designed to exude a mineral yet intimate feel, with a touch of Japanese style.

GemGenève continues to pursue its goal of bringing together the very best in the world of jewellery and precious stones”. Nadège Totah

Focus on the 148 professional dealers present

A majority of exhibitors from the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Israel
As for its six previous editions, GemGenève will be bringing together the very best international dealers from across the whole spectrum of the jewellery industry.

In terms of participation, US exhibitors are still well ahead of the pack, accounting for almost one quarter (21 %) of the participants. Next come those from Switzerland, Hong Kong, Israel, Belgium, Thailand, Germany, France, India and Italy, followed by firms from Sri Lanka, Japan, Brazil and Austria.

A whole new world at each new edition: one of GemGenève’s key strengths
As Ronny Totah is keen to point out, “This edition is designed to be more intimate but just as content-rich as in May 2023, with new surprises in store too. We’re happy and proud to be able to give each edition a unique, personalised look and feel that makes a powerful impact on our visitors and exhibitors. The team’s capacity to do so is one of our winning assets.”

33 of the 148 professional exhibitors will be taking part in GemGenève for the seventh time; over 14 of them will be experiencing the show for the very first time. Newcomers include firms such as Arihant Star (HK) Limited (Hong Kong), Maison Kwan Limited (Hong Kong), Plum Colors Ltd (Thailand), Vama Creation Co Ltd (Thailand), Evergem (Israel), Esmeralda Gems Inc. (USA), Brazil Paraiba Mine (Brazil) and Avani Gem (France), to name but a few.

This autumn, professional exhibitors from 18 different countries will be together at the event in an impressive display of human diversity – and pieces of outstanding quality.
As key partners and stakeholders in a tradeshow devised and designed for them, together they’ll be showcasing a wide range of treasures to discover and acquire: everything from affordable jewels to exceptional and extremely rare items via ancient and historic gems, contemporary pieces, diamonds, precious stones and pearls. The latter will be in the spotlight at this edition with a special exhibition in their honour.

Ever since its launch in 2018, GemGenève has pulled out all the stops to make life easier for exhibitors, focusing on providing them with the best possible experience in terms of welcome, facilities and hospitality. This success has continued ever since the first edition, much to the pride and joy of the organisers.

Under the leadership of Nadège Totah and Audrey Fontanille, the GemGenève staff can provide exhibitors with customised turnkey stands, paying particular attention to lighting that enhances the items on display. Since May 2022, the team has offered the services of a high-end concierge in the person of Pierre-Paul Monnet, delighting exhibitors with his range of essential services.

Monnet, his pages and porter will be taking good care of exhibitors throughout the show, adding a ‘Luxury Hotel’ touch to the services provided by the ‘GemGenève Team’ (as the staff on site at the exhibition like to be known).

GemGenève represents the new generation of professional exhibitions and is keen to remain a show on a human scale with a family feel. It really is a hub where professionals and jewellery enthusiasts can gather;
there’s nothing else quite like it right now.
Ronny Totah, Co-founder of GemGenève

HIGHLIGHTS at GemGenève, November 2023
A selection from the exhibitors at GemGenève

Brought forth from the bowels of earth, raw stones are transformed and cut by jewellers to become unique creations. GemGenève invites you to discover the world’s most beautiful pieces of jewellery: from diamonds to coloured gemstones, natural and cultured pearls; antique and vintage jewellery with great provenance; sophisticated pieces from top designers, and more. GemGenève offers a unique opportunity to meet professionals and the greatest names in jewellery, including young creative jewellers and influential talents from the world of precious stones.


German family firm Herbert Stephan KG employs 250 specialists. Every year, they produce over 1.5 million precious stones for high-end jewellery and watchmaking. The company works with local and international artists alike, as well as with world-renowned luxury brands. The firm describes itself as the largest and craziest manufacturer of precision cut hard gemstones, cameos, and carvings. Herbert Stephan KG has been committed to the cause of sustainable luxury for many years; today, it buys over 90 % of its precious stones from reliable, documented sources, preferably directly from the mine or from local supplier intermediaries. The Stephan family is eagerly looking forward to presenting its concepts and materials at GemGenève in a unique blend of creativity and technology.

Tsarina Jewels, Thailand

Tsarina Jewels is a Thailand-based firm with over thirty years of experience. Specialising in rare precious stones from the Ural mountains in Russia, in particular Russian demantoid, emerald and alexandrite. The firm acquires the raw materials directly from the mines and processes them in its Bangkok facility. Tsarina Jewels takes a modern approach to craftsmanship whilst also drawing inspiration from the rich tradition of jewellery in imperial Russia.

Claudia Hamann Edelstein, Germany

Claudia Hamann Edelstein was founded in 1990 in Germany. The firm specialises in emeralds from Colombia, rubies from Myanmar, sapphires from Thailand and Sri Lanka and fine stones from Africa including spinel, tsavorite, tanzanite, garnet, aquamarine and many others, and is also renowned for having developed the innovative ‘double rose cut’ technique.
Claudia Hamann is an Accredited Ethical Member of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) and affiliated with a number of other organisations, including the German Gemmological Association (FGG) and Collegio Italiano Gemmologi.

Faerber-Collection, Suisse

Dealers in precious stones and outstanding jewels since 1968.
Founded by Thomas Faerber in Zurich in 1968, Faerber-Collection are now world-renowned experts in the sale and purchase of rare precious stones, natural pearls, and ancient and historic outstanding jewels from ancient times through to the present day. The firm has offices in Geneva, New York and Hong Kong. At GemGenève it will be presenting a wide variety of spectacular items, including a recent collection of contemporary ‘you and me’ diamond rings in which each ring is unique, engraved with the Faerber logo and serial number as proof of authenticity; an exceptional five-row necklace made from 381 natural pearls; and a Lalique brooch in the shape of a heron dating back to 1898.
In 1998, Thomas Faerber’s children Ida and Max joined him in the business, making them the fourth generation in this family of expert jewellery dealers. They work closely with their fellow directors Alberto Corticelli and Philippe Atamian to pool their respective areas of knowledge, taste, skills and contacts as they share and further consolidate Thomas’ original mission, vision and values.

Emil Weis Opals KG, Germany

The firm boasts a unique collection of high-quality opals, and for good reason: it’s headed up by Juergen Schuetz and his daughter Tanja Schuetz, the third and fourth generations in a family tradition that dates back almost one hundred and twenty years. With its own gem-cutting facility and established partnerships with mines in Australia and Mexico, Emil Weis Opals KG ensures a constant and regular supply of high-quality rough and cut opals, as well as rare fire opals from Mexico, faceted or cabochon cut.
Emil Weis Opals KG boasts a full range spanning a wide variety of opals, from various sizes of fire opal to black, rock, crystal, pink, and blue opals and many more besides.

Nicolas Torroni, Switzerland

Ravasco Collection
Nicolas Torroni is a family firm founded in 2003 that’s been operating out of Rue du Rhône, Geneva, for 20 years now. It specialises in the sale, purchase and trading of jewels, precious stones and objets d’art. Nicolas Torroni has brought together over thirty Alfredo Ravasco pieces to display on its stand at the GemGenève exhibition in November 2023, offering visitors a unique opportunity to discover the work of this Italian jeweller.
Alfredo Ravasco (1873-1958) was an Italian Art Deco goldsmith and jeweller from a family of jewellers based in Milan. He took part in the Paris International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in 1925. His style is characterised by the use of coloured hard stones such as malachite, lapis lazuli, onyx, agate and coral. He worked for numerous royal families as well as for Pope Pius XI, whose papal tiara he crafted. He is renowned for his decorative items; these include chalices, objets de vertu and jewels.

About GemGenève

GemGenève is a unique hub where jewellery designers, dealers in precious stones, retailers, collectors, connoisseurs and buyers both professional and private can all gather under the same roof. Over the course of four days, GemGenève offers an opportunity to acquire exceptional pieces and be inspired by a community of specialists in the field of gemmology and jewellery. It’s a laboratory of creativity and innovation, bringing together recognised designers and emerging talents; a world of design, rare gems, and antique and contemporary jewellery. Created by exhibitors, GemGenève offers a platform for expression and exchange that encompasses passion, expertise and education.

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