PIANEGONDA – An icon in the making

“I want to launch a message that will never grow old and give life to something iconic and recognizable at first glance”

Betony Vernon talks about her first collection designed for Pianegonda. A collection with an evocative name, Assoluto. It means the beginning. a new beginning for the brand that chose the designer as its creative director: “My soul as a designer has been expressed in this collection. I wanted to give something more to the jewelry. It’s the first collection and it represents a break with the past. An invitation to consider the wonder of life”. Assoluto represents the Universe’s soul, the demiurge with creative power The symbol of humility and truth. The holistic and very powerful message is told by 23 jewels that represent the molecular structure, the concept of the atom in its most amazing simplicity. An alternation of very shiny spheres and modern chains in 925 silver protected by two microns in 999 silver, or pure silver: Each piece is made by investment casting and assembled and finished entirely by hand. It’s covered with a nanoceramic antioxidant protection that increases the resistance to atmospheric agents and to daily use, without altering the materiality and colour of the silver. The jewels are interpreted by a unique and imperfect beauty; Anna Cleaveland, who enhances their archetypal meaning like a nymph.

When they are worn they have something magic. like a talisman that protects and reminds us that everyone has the responsibility to be part of a shared whole. “We are all united because the matter we are made of is common. We are made of atoms which are the life of the cosmos. We are one. Mine is a message of exhortation to return to the spirit and become aware that science tells the truth of life. It’s there for all to see” said Betony Vernon. Wearing an atom in the form of a jewel means becoming aware that you are sharing the miracle of life.

Pianegonda was courageous in this, it understood that a break with the past was needed by tackling a very serious job of repositioning of the brand, and it trusted Betony Vernon’s talent and experience by appointing her as Creative Director.

The designer: American naturalized Italian, has a great passion for the “Belpaese” and for the artistic, creative and artisan skills that can only be found in Italy. “I have always seen Pianegonda as a breakthrough brand that knows how to dare, and when they called me for the job I said yes, without hesitation. I think the brand is very close to my aesthetic vision of hold and contemporary” she said. A choice that led the artist to move to Italy, after 14 years living in Paris, to devote herself solely to Pianegonda.

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